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Our annual energy consumption is increasing by an average of 1 to 2%, so we need to take advantage of the resources that abound around us: solar radiation. This practice, together with the self-consumption supply method, is a fundamental element of economic and social change in the use of energy, involving the consumer himself.

· How does photovoltaic self-consumption work?

Self-consumption installations consist of the installation of photovoltaic panels on any usable surface. These will be connected to the respective electronic devices and to an internal network of the user (consumer/customer), always counting on the necessary electrical safety means to control the installation.

· How much can we save with a photovoltaic installation (self-consumption)?

Below we show you a graph where you can see the usual consumption curve. According to recent studies, in many households our consumption is similar to this curve:

With a 4.5 KW photovoltaic system, as in the graph shown without self-consumption, we can see big differences in consumption. Look at this graph and you will see that the savings are obvious.

· How to become a self-consumer?

Let's imagine that we install solar panels on your roof, with a good orientation towards the south. This would be the first step in changing your consumption habits, allowing you to save money on a daily basis and get the most out of your installation. And also, if you compensate for the excess, you will save much more. Now, how much do you think you can save?

Let's take the following example: here we have two tables showing a bill for a day without self-consumption (left) and a day with self-consumption (right). Can you see the difference? How much do you think our customer has saved? No more and no less than 3€ in one day.

Do you have any doubts, are you interested, do you want to join the self-consumption? Contact us and we will give you a quote tailored to your needs.

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